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Discover Aurora Province with These Fun Side Trips from Baler

We all love Baler. The long stretch of Sabang Beach, mountain-cool waters of Mother Falls, and laid-back vibes of the town has long enticed surfers and non-surfers alike. But it turns out that Baler is only one gem in Aurora province’s crown. Just a few hours away are several activities near Baler you can take while you’re in the area. They’re just as scenic, maybe even more exciting, and a unique glimpse into a place we all know and love.

Diguisit Falls rappel

Adrenaline junkies have more than just Baler’s famous waves to get them stoked. Rappelling down the 40-foot high cascade of Diguisit Falls is a worthy source of a rush as well. Located just off of the highway, about 10 minutes from Baler town proper, Diguisit Falls is composed of two sets of multi-tiered cascades sitting a few meters apart. It takes some effort to get to the bigger cascade, with a hike up slippery rocks and trickling water. And to get down, you can strap yourself onto some ropes and meet the ultimate challenge. There are few things cooler (literally and figuratively) than rappelling down waterfalls, after all. To book your adventure, visit the Baler Municipal Tourism Office.

Ampere Beach, Dipaculao 

Photo by Brian Chua | CC BY

Ampere Beach is a great side trip from Baler thanks to its proximity. It’s a little less than an hour away from Sabang. It’s not your typical “sunbathing, beach bumming” beach, however, because its shore is covered in rocks and pebbles. It is, however, a great spot for taking photos and just appreciating the diversity of Aurora’s landscape. Insider tip: Ampere Beach is a great spot for sunrise. Not only does the cove perfectly frame the sun, but the textures and light play on its rock formations and pebbled shores are also very dramatic.


Dingalan is about 3 hours south of Baler. Those who are up to leaving early and coming back late can make this municipality one of your Baler nearby activities. A tourist favorite here is the Lamao Caves in Barangay Paltic. Fair warning though, it’s not for the faint of heart. The caves are accessible by boat, but because it’s right on the edge of a cliff facing the Pacific Ocean, waves and currents can get really strong. The reward for the effort is a series of unique caves you’re not likely to find elsewhere. Other spots in Dingalan include Matawan Falls, Tanawan View Deck, Tanawan Falls, Ibona River, and the Dingalan Lighthouse.

Dingalan Lighthouse

Also known as the “Batanes of the East”, Dingalan is home to rolling hills covered in greens and cliffs at the edge of the ocean. And there’s no better place to feel its size than in the Dingalan Lighthouse. It sits on a ridge towering over White Beach. To get here, you must rent a boat for Feeder Port then go on short hike uphill. While the lighthouse itself is an imposing figure, it’s the view from the top that draws tourists.

Snorkeling in Diniog, Dilasag

Dilasag is the northernmost tip of Aurora province. A Baler side trip takes about 4-6 hours of land travel depending on weather conditions. Despite the distance, it’s also one of the most scenic and underrated roads in Luzon, with the coastal highway traversing where the mountains meet the sea. Dilasag is still relatively quiet and not touristy, which also means untouched natural resources. The beaches in Barangay Diniog are particularly great for swimming and snorkeling, unlike most of the other beaches in Aurora which get strong waves. The reefs in Diniog are also quite shallow so you can see more for less effort. At night, there are boats available for rent to take you firefly watching in the mangroves.

Dicasalarin Cove

Photo by Carlo Garcia | CC BY

Dicasalarin Cove may still be within Baler, but it’s exclusive enough to be still a little rare. Access is only allowed by purchasing tickets at Cost Pacifica for PHP100 for hotel guests and PHP300 for non-hotel guests. In exchange, you get a private coastline that pretty much embodies tropical paradise. At one end of the cove is the Baler Lighthouse, which serves as a unique point of interest. The unusual structure looks more like a giant sundial than a traditional lighthouse. The cove is also dusted with fine sand and crystal waters, making swimming irresistible.

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