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Awesome Waterfalls Near Manila for Cool Summer Daytrips

Summer is well on its way, and with it comes the face-melting heat we all know and love (not really). Thankfully, we’re also blessed with a ton of natural resources which provide instant relief from the sun. Apart from beaches and lakes, we also have dozens and dozens of waterfalls – some in one province alone!

Just an hour or two from Manila are a plethora of choices for a relaxing and refreshing summer day trip. Check out these waterfalls near Manila for your next barkada adventure.


Dahoyhoy Falls, Mauban

Dahoyhoy Falls is merely 1 of a rumored 20 waterfalls in the town of Mauban. Along with Hagdan-hagdan Falls and Alitap Falls, Dahoyhoy is one of the more popular falls thanks to its accessibility and natural beauty. Getting there is a scenic hike through rice fields and hanging bridges, though it is relatively easy thanks to a cement pathway. There are stone picnic tables and lots of shade right beside the basin, perfect for a relaxing lunch by the waterside. Despite its accessibility, the falls still aren’t overrun by tourists, which means that if you’re lucky, you could even have this all to yourselves!

Bantakay Falls, Atimonan 

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Bantakay Falls may take some effort to reach, but it’s totally worth it. To get there, you must trek through the jungle, including marshes and creeks, which could also get muddy during the rainy months. As a reward, you get 5-tiered waterfalls (often all to yourself) and a cool cave nearby. Thanks to its remoteness, Bantakay Falls doesn’t get overrun by tourists so you and your pals can enjoy its raw, natural beauty in peace.

Balagbag Falls, Real 

Photo by Roslyn | CC BY

Balagbag Falls is one of the reportedly 9 waterfalls in the town of Real and is also one of the most popular and most accessible. It’s the perfect spot for adrenaline junkies and laid-back travelers alike. For the former, they can do a heart-stopping jump from the 25-foot high 2nd tier of the falls. And for the latter, the untouched environment paired with the soothing flow of the cascades provides an escape from the stresses of daily life.


Maranat Falls, Norzagaray

In case you find yourself hiking Mt. Balagbag or Mt.Maranat anytime soon, keep Maranat Falls in mind. It’s a popular rest stop for hikers and climbers of the two mountains, and rightly so. It has twin cascades, sitting side by side. Its basin also flows out into a river dotted with large boulders and crystal clear waters. While the falls itself are great swimming holes, the area surrounding Maranat Falls is also welcoming respite from the summer heat.

Verdivia Falls, DRT

Verdivia Falls is named for the greenish hue of its water. It’s located in Barangay Talbak, Doña Remedios Trinidad. Getting there involves a short hike through quarries, making it relatively easy and straightforward. The falls has some form of development, with one or two bamboo huts along the banks. Visitors can also opt to ride bamboo rafts to cross its wide basin and get to the falls itself.

Kaytitinga Falls, San Jose del Monte 

If one waterfall is not enough for you, Kaytitinga is the place to go. Not only does it have a couple of tiers, but it’s also within proximity to another waterfall, Otso-otso, and its multi-tiers. Kaytitinga Falls is not that high, but it makes up for it in width and flow. Its span makes it perfect for large groups to sit side-by-side along the cascade and enjoy the refreshing water together. And if you ever get bored with it (which we doubt), you can hike to the 3-tiered Otso-otso Falls to change things up.


Balite Falls, Amadeo 

Photo by Wong Hoi Li | CC BY

Balite Falls is one of the pride and joys of Amadeo, Cavite. It’s a favorite tourist spot among locals, neighbors, and travelers alike. What’s great about these falls is that it can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter the age. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get there, plus the grounds surrounding the falls have been developed to become tourist friendly. The land is paved or at least leveled. Huts and pavilions are available for rent. There are even massage services offered while you enjoy the free-flowing falls water!

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