Danjugan island marine and wildlife sanctuary

Danjugan Island: Dive, Trek, Discover

by Pauline Pama

Danjugan Island is a marine reserve and wildlife sanctuary. It is not the usual resort with many people and sometimes, party atmosphere. It is the perfect place if you seek nature adventure and peaceful environment at the same time. A limited number of guests are allowed per day. If you’re lucky, your group may happen to have the place all to yourselves. Overnight at Moray Lagoon Camp is 2,950php/person while an overnight stay at Typhoon Beach is 3,950php/person.

Overnight packages of Danjugan include everything you need: accommodation, meals, boat transfers, boat tour, trekking & snorkeling guide, unlimited use of kayaks, free use of snorkeling gear, conservation fee and accident insurance. Therefore, you can focus on your stay and not with unexpected expenses. If you choose to have a day trip only, they also offer it at 1,950php/person. It includes meals, boat transfers, trekking & snorkeling guide, unlimited use of kayaks, free use of snorkeling gear and conservation fee.

Note: Be prepared with power banks since there is no electricity. Also, be mindful of your water usage because running water in the island is also limited. The island’s amenities are solar-powered, and water is maximized carefully. Remember that guests are encouraged to be open-minded. Though it may be a little inconvenient to some, the island promotes environmental preservation and counts on our willingness to cooperate.

How to get there:

From Manila, take an hour flight to Bacolod-Silay Airport. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a shuttle van to South Ceres Bus Terminal, Lopez Jaena Street. If you choose to take the shuttle van (which is cheaper), ask the driver first if he can drop you off at the terminal. Private shuttle vans are available 24/7 in the airport’s parking lot. The drivers would wait for the van to be full and seats are first to come first serve basis.

Upon arrival in Ceres terminal, take a bus going to Hinobaan. No need to advance purchase tickets since fare is paid during the travel. Fare price is around 150php/person. Schedule of trips start from 2:00AM until 10:00 PM and leave every 45 minutes. It will take you about 4 hours to reach the drop-off point. Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Crossing Remollos-Quadro de King in Purok 3, Baranggay Bulata, Cauayan. When you arrive, boatmen will lead you to the “bangka” that will take you to Danjugan Island. The trip will take about 30 minutes and may sometimes encounter heavy waves.

If you choose to take a more convenient transportation, you can always rent a car (or car with driver) to take you to Cauayan. You may visit Meca-J Tours Bacolod’s Facebook page for car rentals. From the airport, it would take 3 to 3.5 hours going to Cauayan via the Negros South Road. When you arrive at Cauayan town proper, keep going and look for the ANTOL signboard on the right side. This is after the 143KM marker and “Welcome to Bulata” signage. You may ask locals for help with directions in case you lose track. Enter the Antol car park where you will leave your vehicle.  Boatmen of Danjugan will be ready to take you to the island of Danjugan.

Upon arrival in the island, staffs would welcome you and lead you to your accommodation. After unpacking, snacks will be served in the gazeebo. You can take the time to relax for a while and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Danjugan Island Tour Activities

Brief Orientation

Before your main activities start, an island caretaker/tour guide would give the whole group a short briefing about Danjugan, how it became endangered and how it was saved. Everyone must listen attentively to know the dos and don’ts during your stay.


kayak danjungan

Danjugan has five lagoons where you can do kayaking. It is enjoyable yet serene experience paddling around the calm waters while overlooking amazing views. Manage your time well, though, as the kayak in on a first come first serve basis.


danjungan island trekThere are different tracks around the island.  Along the trek, you will see the lagoons, pass by the bat cave, climb the watchtower, experience bird watching in the view deck, and end up on white sand beaches.

Boat Tour

danjungan island

An island tour would give you a glimpse of the beautiful outskirts of Danjugan.

Bird Watching

danjungan island

The island is a sanctuary for different species of birds flying freely around the island. You might find the white-breasted sea eagles or the rare Tabon Scrubfowl. Binoculars are available for visitors who want to take a look and see.


You can experience snorkeling in Danjugan’s well-preserved marine reefs. Enjoy looking for different sea creatures like moray eel and longfin batfish. Aside from the colorful corals, you can see, there are also giant clams resting in the sea grounds. Gears are already provided for your snorkeling activity.

Scuba Diving

You may contact Easy Diving, Bluewater Expeditions or Scuba Planet Philippines for scuba diving arrangements. Payment is made separately, too. Danjugan’s marine sanctuary is home to hawksbill turtles, black tip reef sharks, and many other sea animals.

Sunrise Watching

Photo by Pauline Pama | CC BY

There’s a trail leading to the watchtower where you can watch the sunrise.

Sunset Watching

Photo by Pauline Pama | CC BY

You can just relax in the white sand shoreline while having a view of the beautiful sunset.

Bat Cave Viewing

Photo by Pauline Pama | CC BY

You will pass by the bat cave during your trek.

Danjugan Island should be in every marine advocate’s bucket list. This small island offers more as you discover it. In the end, aside from having an adventure to remember, you are also a contributor to the preservation of the island. It would be more than just a travel fulfillment but an environmental responsibility accomplished.

Bookings directly with Danjugan Island.

Email : experience@danjuganisland.ph
Phone : +63 915 234 7145 / +63 908 525 4108 / +63 34 441 6010
Website : http://www.danjuganisland.ph
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DanjuganIsland/



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