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El Nido to Temporarily Close Tourist Spots this 2016

Planning a trip to El Nido this year? Keep tabs on these developments in the world-famous island!

According to Palawan News, the El Nido municipal government is proposing to close some popular tourist destinations around Bacuit Bay, the site of island hopping activities. Due to the steady increase of visitors, some of its coral sites are beginning to show signs of ruin, calling for a period of rehabilitation.

Closure of sites

A closure of four to six years is being proposed for Shimizu Island, a reputed snorkelling spot, and for four other coral sites that have yet to be named.

el nido tourist spots - Shimizu Island
Tourist spots will be closed for rehabilitation, including the popular Shimizu Island. | Image Source

The regulation, the article explained, will be closely networked to El Nido’s Comprehensive Land and Water Use Plan (CLWUP), which focuses on the control of human incursion in important marine areas. The proposal is now awaiting the approval of majority members of the municipal legislative council.

Not to worry. Around 12 new El Nido tourist spots that are set to open this year as an alternative to the ones that will be closed. They include Abdens Rock, Popolkan Island, Inambogol Island, and East Pangulasian that will be blissful for adventurers. Pangulasian Island is the location of El Nido resorts’ most luxurious eco-island property, also known as the Island of the Sun, as it offers breathtaking views of both the sunrise and the sunset.

Growth in El Nido’s tourism

In 2014, the number of tourists in El Nido hit a record high of 80,000. The number is expected to increase by three-folds this year.

The number of Filipino visitors is also growing, compared to previous years when it would be mostly foreign tourists. Last year, 60% of El Nido’s visitors were American, French, Chinese and German nationals, while 40% were Filipinos.

For two years now, Condé Nast Traveler has voted El Nido as the Best Island in the World, drawing more attention to this “piece of paradise.”

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Photo by Wim Hertog / CC BY

5 thoughts on “El Nido to Temporarily Close Tourist Spots this 2016”

  1. Very good! many visitors are already complaining about the overcrowding. Swimming is no longer enjoyable in some destinations due to unsystematized arrival of tourists/ bancas in the area!

  2. Very good decision! Been there 12 years ago & latly, it has changed drastically,,, welcome to Thailand with its overcrowded tourist & it foreigner own businesses.

  3. It’s sad to hear that the corals are affected by these occurences. Good to hear that they’re closing these down temporarily though!

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