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Will Travel for Food: The Delectable Filipino Longganisa Trail

If you are a foodie, and tasting the local cuisine is at the top of your to-do list when you travel, then here’s something you can consider for your next adventure. We all know how Filipinos love longganisa, our native sausage. It’s often part of our breakfast menu. As you make your way through the archipelago from north to south, the taste of Filipino longganisa also changes along with the scenery.

There are different types of longganisa in the country and each can claim to be the best there is in the land. There’s the salty kind and then there’s the sweet type. Some are shaped like balls while others are prepared long and thick or long and thin. There are longganisas that are wrapped while some are not. Whatever your preference is, embark on your own exploration of the Filipino longganisa by visiting the places where a different version is being made. Go authentic on the local flavor amidst the setting of the local ambiance.

Vigan Longganisa – Hidden Garden

Filipino Longganisa in Hidden Garden in Vigan
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The historic city of Vigan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has recently earned the recognition as one of the Wonder City of World under its belt. Apart from its old houses and rich stories, Vigan also boasts its own Filipino longganisa. The Vigan longganisa has a yellowish hue and a salty, garlicky flavor. Vigan puts premium on this local delicacy that it even holds longganisa festivals in its locality.

Tucked in the outskirts of Vigan lies this Hidden Garden where one can dine surrounded by plants that provide a tranquil environment. One can enjoy Vigan longganisa in this restaurant as a breakfast fare – Longsilog (composed of LONGganisa, SInangag and itLOG); lunch – Longganisa Poqui-Poqui Tempura (Japanese style of cooking Vigan Longganisa wrapped in poqui-poqui); or as a snack – empanada (a local taco-style food with papaya, monggo, egg, and longganisa), longganisa burger, or spaghetti with Vigan Longganisa toppings.

Hidden Garden of Vigan
Address: Brgy. Bulala, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
Contact Information: +63 906 332 8309 | +63 928 965 9190
Website: http://www.hiddengardenvigan.com/restaurant | Facebook

Longganisang Tuguegarao – Café Asuncion

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Filipino longganisa in Tuguegarao
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Often considered as the hottest spot in the Philippines in certain times of the year, Tuguegarao is a city where the Cagayan River flows through. Like its northern neighbor, Tuguegarao also has its own share of its local version of the Filipino longganisa. Often referred to as the Ibanag Longganisa, Longganisang Tuguegarao is also garlicky, similar to Vigan Longganisa, but has a distinct taste to it. This longganisa is not greasy and definitely not sweet.

One of the places where travelers can have a bite of the Longganisang Tuguegarao is the Café Asuncion of the Pulsar Hotel. Situated in the heart of the city, Café Asuncion claims of having genuine Ibanag hospitality and flavor. Wake up to the view overlooking Pinacanauan River and to the taste of the sumptuous breakfast of Longganisa Tuguegarao before you embark on an adventure, whether white water rafting in the Chico River or spelunking in Callao Cave.

Pulsar Hotel’s Café Asuncion
Address:  Pulsar Hotel, Capitol Hills, Caggay, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Contact Information: +63 78 304 0024 | +63 917 822 5752
Website: http://www.pulsarhotel.com/ | Facebook

Alaminos Longganisa – Islandia Hotel

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Alaminos is the gateway to the famed Hundred Islands. While it celebrates having these tiny islets naturally spread on its bay, Alaminos also rave about its lean Filipino longganisa. It is proud of its own native sausage that it even holds a festival just to hail this meat product. Alaminos Longganisa is salty. Its zest and tastiness may probably be attributed to the local sea salt found in the area. Or, it could be that the secret lies in the little sticks that separates the sausages and are even included when cooking the product.

You can taste this Alaminos Longganisa in many resorts in the city. But one particular hotel, the diminutive Islandia Hotel, has been serving this local sausage with a twist, aside from its usual breakfast preparations. If you want to get adventurous when it comes to this food, you might want to taste its very own Alaminos Longganisa Pizza that will leave a mark on your journey.

Islandia Hotel
Address: Marcos Ave., Brgy. Palamis, Alaminos City
Contact Information: 0917 577 8785 +63-998-558-7419
Website: http://www.islandiahotelph.com/  | Facebook

Longganisang  Calumpit – Hapag Restaurant and Events Place

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Calumpit is a town in Bulacan that has a river of the same name. It has a number of historical places like the 16th century old St. John the Baptist Church. To mark the festival of St. John the Baptist, locals hold a fluvial parade along the length of the river. Along with its heritage landmarks, festivals, and natural attractions, the town also places special value on its Longganisang Calumpit.

Feast on the Eat-All-You-Can Buffet at the Hapag Restaurant and Events Place where you can taste a different take on its Longganisang Calumpit. Enjoy a different experience of this sausage, which contains ground pork and various ingredients and seasoning, minus the preservatives, wrapped in intestines, through its Longganisa Calumpit Pasta. Have your fill of this Filipino longganisa in the spacious interiors of Hapag Restaurant.

Hapag Restaurant and Events Place
Address: Hiyas ng Bulakan Convention Center, Capitol Compound, Guinhawa, Malolos, Bulacan
Contact Information: +63 44 794 4243
Website: Facebook | Menu

Longganisang  Lucban – Mustiola’s

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Filipino Longganisa in Lucban
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Lucban, home of the colorful Pahiyas Festival, is a small town in the Quezon province that provides a breathtaking view of Mt. Banahaw. You can roam around the streets of Lucban for a day. But it can get crowded during the month of May when all roads seem to lead to Lucban. Imagine the influx of visitors wanting to see the beautifully decorated homes during Pahiyas. Aside from wanting to have a snapshot of these adorned facades, people also find their way to Lucban to taste the local delicacies, such as the Pansit Habhab, Pilipit, and Longganisang Lucban.

Longganisang Lucban is garlicky, like most Filipino longganisas in the north, but this one has a tangy, sour hint that may resemble the Chorizo de Bilbao. What better way to enjoy this native food than to eat it at the Best Carinderia in Lucban – Mustiola’s. The place is an old house and is remarkable by its bright yellow color. Delight in its interiors which feel like it takes you back in time while you indulge on its Crispy Longganisang Lucban with Egg. Stroll through the streets or at the market where you can also buy some Logganisang Lucban that you can take home with you.

Address: San Luis St., corner Regidor St., Lucban, Quezon
Website: Facebook

Cebu Longganisa – Yolk Coffee & Breakfast

Filipino longganisa in Cebu
Image Source
Longganisa Hamonado: Cebu's pride for Filipino Longganisa trail
Tying Longganisang Hamonado, Cebu City; Image Source

The best place to gobble on some sweet native longganisas is the Queen of South – Cebu City. This oldest city in the country is an authority when it comes to many things — from festivals, to famous personalities, to native products, and to food. The reddish sweet, with a tinge of spice, version of the Filipino longganisa from Cebu seems to have infected other parts of the Visayas as you will often find them sold in various towns and cities in the region. In Cebu alone, these tiny, ball-shaped longganisas are ever present in local markets, which you can also buy as pasalubong.

Cebu’s very own Yolk Coffee & Breakfast, which has a chic homey ambiance, knows how much the Cebuanos love their own chorizo. When they came up with their menu, they felt that the chorizo must be part of it. You will find the native chorizo in its rice meal plates and in its Cebu Omelette. Yolk Coffee & Breakfast is a chill place to hang out after a tour of the city’s various attractions for your Cebu Longganisa fix.

Yolk Coffee & Breakfast
Address: 80 Tres Borces St., Mabolo, Cebu City
Contact Information: +63 32 231 0411
Website: http://yolkcafeph.com/ | Facebook

Main Photo by Paul David/ CC BY 

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