Got Skills? Stay for Free at These Lodgings When Traveling Around the Philippines

by Julia Escaño

You’ve booked your flights. You’ve searched through every digital nook and cranny of your destination. You’ve outlined your Must-See and Must-Do lists. You might have even created a special playlist for the trip. All that’s left to tick is finding your home away from home.

Finding cheap accommodations anywhere in the country should be easy enough, but why settle for cheap when you can get it for free? If you’re willing to sweat it out and share your skills, the Philippines has free accommodations for serious travelers who want more bang for their buck.

From the city to the countryside, from the land to the sea, here is a list of free accommodations in the Philippines that allow you to travel while giving something back to the community!

Share your skills for a bed in this Tacloban hostel


What would you do for a free bed? In this hostel, talent and skill are the currency.  Yellow Doors Hostel, an award-winning hostel in post-Yolanda Tacloban, offers a stay-for-free program for skilled guests. By imparting your knowledge through different kinds of workshops, sharing your music by joining jam sessions at their rooftop bar, or offering any other talent that might be handy, you can stay in the hostel for free. It’s not just about saving money,  you get to help enrich the experiences of others while fostering community and friendship – all of which are the essence of travel. Yellow Doors Hostel does not have a set list of needs. Contact them directly to inquire about how you can contribute in exchange for free accommodations.

Contact: (+63) 917 9349499 or (+63) 906-3891121

Join the team in this Puerto Princesa B&B 

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Bamboo Bed and Breakfast in Puerto Princesa may be less than 4 months old, but they’re clearly ready and rearing to go. If you’re planning a trip in the Philippines’ “Last Frontier,” you can give your adventure another dimension by staying at this rustic B&B and joining their team for a period. In exchange, your stay is free! Bamboo Bed and Breakfast is on the lookout for people who can help in several fields. This includes social media management, administrative work, videography, interior design, and much more. They don’t have strict working hours for volunteers either, which gives you plenty of opportunities to explore the wonders of Puerto Princesa.

Contact: (+63) 915-3465258

Stay with a kind host in Cebu

Image source: Rica Zaragoza

Crashing with locals is no new concept, yet we rarely maximize this opportunity. Couchsurfing is perhaps the biggest community of travelers providing free space for fellow travelers. By becoming a member, you gain access to thousands of people all over the world who are generously offering spare rooms or beds to sleep in. In Cebu City alone, there are over 3000 hosts to choose from. But it isn’t just the free accommodations that make this method great. By living with a local, you get insider info on sights to see and things to do. You immediately get a new friend and a fresh perspective on the place you’re visiting. In the end, you not only save some money but gain valuable insights and experiences along the way.


Take selfies at this seaside beach resort in idyllic Bohol

Photo by meng | CC BY

If you’re looking to get away from the hubbub of city life, beaches are always a great escape. This beach resort in Bohol offers bed and meals for volunteers who can help them manage their social media page. If Instagramming beautiful sunsets are not your thing, they are also in need of tour guides, cooks, and bartenders. Being true to their volunteers is their priority; judging from the reviews of the place, you’ll be treated with the signature Filipino hospitality.

Contact: (+63) 916-3390427

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