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Meet Manila’s Cutest Kitties at these 6 Cat Cafes

There’s just something about felines that you can’t help but love. Whether it’s the way they lounge around without a care in the world or the way they always looks like they’re ready to pounce, you simply can’t deny their adorable appeal. Whether your kitty of choice is a Persian, a Siamese, a Sphynx or a beloved PusPin, you’ll find a cat to fall head over heels in love with at these cat cafés in Metro Manila.

So if you’re in the mood to relax in the presence of these majestic creatures, a few hours at these cat cafes should do the trick!

1. Cat Café Manila

Cat Cafe Manila
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Located in Quezon City’s bustling new food district, Cat Café Manila gives you an accessible place to get your feline fix! Cat Café Manila works in partnership with CARA Welfare Philippines (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) to help provide loving homes for beloved pusang Pinoys or PusPins via adoption. If you’re looking to adopt a fur-ever friend, this is the place to go!

Featured Feline: Sleepy Trigger dozing off after a hard day of playing and entertaining guests.

Sleepy Trigger at Cat Cafe Manila
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Address: 2nd Floor, 198 Maginhawa corner Makadios St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Operating Hours: 12pm – 10pm, Monday to Sunday

Price: Php 200 for one hour with Php100 consumable, by reservation through here.

2. Bengal Brew

Bengal Brew
Their indoor rainforest feels just like home! | Image Source

Who’d have thought you’d find a relaxing cat café in one of the city’s busiest areas, and a special cat café at that! Bengal Brew features magnificent Bengal cats in their own little indoor rainforest. Take a walk on the wild side as you lounge in the company of these exotic cats. They even have an adorably mischievous African serval named Gabriel who just loves to play!

Featured Feline: Sofia, the beautiful rosetted bengal kitten.

Sofia, rosetted bengal kitten
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Bonus Fur Baby: Sari, the Philippines’ first female white Alaskan malamute.

Sari, the Philippines’ first female white Alaskan malamute
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Address: Manhattan Parkview, Manhattan Garden City, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City

Operating Hours: Mon-Thurs: 3pm to 10pm; Fri-Sat: 2pm to 11pm; Sun: 2pm to 10pm

Cover Charge: Php350, inclusive of one food and drink, plus treats for the cats

3. Gilmore Cat Café

 Gilmore Cat Café
Look at this little guy loungin around in his castle! | Image Source

Amidst the computer shops in the Gilmore area, there’s this pink and orange little haven for folks who just need to be in the presence of majestic felines. With a host of fluffy Persians, PusPins, Siamese cats, and other interesting breeds in their army of 122 cats, it’s like a hands-on crash course on Cats 101 with each visit. Oh, and don’t forget to try out their coolers like their fresh lemonade and strawberry yogurt shake. Yum!

Featured Feline: Mushka, the café’s largest (and possibly most formal) cat!

Mushka at Gilmore Cat Café
Right after a snack | Image Source

Address: T2-R6 Xavier Hills Condominium, Granada Street, Quezon City

Operating Hours: Sun-Thurs: 2pm to 10pm; Fri-Sat: 2pm to 12am

Price: Php300, and it comes with with Php150 worth of consumable food and drink

4. Le Cat Coffee Shop

Le Cat Coffee Shop
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With majority of the cat cafes located in the north, the owners of Le Cat Coffee Shop figured that cat lovers from the south also deserve a nearby cat café. This cozy little kitty abode serves a multitude of drinks to complement your feline experience. And while they also serve a few snacks, you can only eat them at the café area to keep the cats from getting to them first. Drop by this southern kitty abode and meet the straw-loving Strawberry, March birthday boy Barton, and their resident heartthrob, Caramel!

Image Source
Image Source

Address: 76 Gloria Diaz St., BF Resort Village, Las Piñas

Operating Hours: Tues-Sun: 4pm to 10pm

Price: Take your pick from three sets here.

5. Velvet Friends Cat Café Company

Velvet Friends Cat Café Company
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Here’s another cat café in the south! While most cat cafes don’t allow kids near the cats for fear of the kids not being able to control their gigil, the Velvet Friends Cat Café Company is very accommodating when it comes to families with kids. The place has 14 different cats, which can help the kids focus their loving attention on each feline.

Featured Feline: Minushi, their exotic shorthair ambassador cat.

Minushi ambassador cat
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Address: 2nd flr. Cluster H, Blue Bay Walk, Metropark, Pasay City

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am to 10pm; Sat-Sun: 11am to 11pm

Price: Php290 for one hour, and it comes with free iced tea and a pastry of your choice!

6. Miao Cat Café

Miao Cat Café
Ashley, the queen, watching over her kingdom | Image Source

You may think it’s more expensive than other cat cafes, but it’s only because their food and drink servings are quite big. So during your two-hour stay, you can really fill up as you lounge around with the 40 or so cats they have at the café. Meet beautiful shorthairs like the wide-eyed Felix and the giant PusPin Kahel, along with fluffy felines like Cotton and Aubrey.

Featured Feline: Big boy Kahel and the wide-eyed Felix.

Kahel and Felix in one of Manila's Cat Cafes
Image Source

Address: 7 Congressional Avenue, Quezon City (Second floor of Cakes to Go)

Operating Hours: They open in two hour shifts every day: 11am to 1pm; 2pm to 4pm; 5pm to 7pm; 8pm to 10pm

Price: Php300, comes with one drink and one food item

Meet all sorts of cat breeds with different personalities whenever you step into one of these cat cafes. With cat cafes both in the northern and southern part of Metro Manila, there’s no excuse for you not to give these adorable felines a visit! Tell us about your experience with cat cafes, and if you’ve never been in one let us know which one you’re excited to visit!

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