New Zealand Opens Working Holidays to Young Filipinos

by Janelle Almosara 

Nowadays, more and more young people are becoming interested in the idea of going on a backpacking trip around the globe. Most Filipinos who embark on long-term backpacking trips usually start exploring countries that are visa free and would allow them to go around for a month or two without having to worry about obtaining and paying fees for the renewal of their papers. However, backpackers who plan to travel for a long time usually needs work permits, and for third world passport holders, this can be a rather daunting challenge, especially if you are entering countries that comply with a strict set of rules. The good news is New Zealand is opening up its doors for Filipinos to finally obtain working holiday visas.

The working holiday visa is a specific type of visa that travelers could get so that they can apply for casual jobs while traveling and exploring a country. This helps out travelers who plan to stay in New Zealand for one to two years, giving them access to more than 100 places in the country, while letting them earn to sustain their future travels.

Originally, the working holiday visa in New Zealand are only offered to the residents of the following countries: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Hong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, and Uruguay. Fortunately, this year, Philippine passport holders are given the chance to apply for a working holiday visa that will be valid for 12 months.

Photo by Tommy Clark/ CC BY

The visa is open to 18-30 year old Philippine passport holders who wishes to know more about their beautiful nation, considering that they meet all requirements laid down by the government. Since this is intended to provide additional support for backpackers, travelers under this particular visa cannot work for more than 3 months under one employer. But don’t worry because there are plenty of available casual jobs in the country. Here are some websites that you can check out, just in case:

Backpacker Board
: This website has a listing of different jobs that you can apply to if you are looking for gigs around the country. From au pair to sales job and even chef openings – you’d definitely find something here for you.

Seasonal Work: This website provides various jobs per season, most of which are under agriculture and hospitality.

Backpacker Guide NZ: Another great website to look for jobs would be Backpacker Guide. They also have articles that will help you out in making the most out of your stay in the country, giving you cheap and even free travel ideas to try out.

Are you ready now to explore New Zealand? If so, then hurry now and prepare all your requirements! Applications for Philippine passport holders will only be open until February 6, 2016. Visas obtained will be valid for 2016-2017 only. For more information, visit their website here.

Main Photo by Vern/ CC BY

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