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Organic Farm Tours near Bacolod You Should Visit

By Claire Marie Algarme

When you think of Bacolod, you instantly think of the sweet delights that are known in this part of the Philippines. But did you know that there are things to do near Bacolod that can offer you healthy pleasures? The province of Negros Occidental is a beautiful area in the country where vegetarians and natural food lovers can experience the ease of finding organic goods and take pleasure in knowing the various facets of growing these foodstuffs.

Bacolod City and its nearby towns and cities of Victorias and Silay in the north, Bago in the south, and Salvador Benedicto in the east are eyed as organic havens where healthy attractions abound.  ‘Farm Tourism’ is becoming a familiar concept and it provides unique activities near Bacolod for travelers who want to experience the fun side of agriculture. Guests and visitors are not just taken through the process of farming and brought around the various areas within the farm, but they are also given the opportunity to get their hands dirty, literally, and have a taste of the earth’s harvests.

The vegetables, fruits, and flowers grown in these farms are nutritive delights and picture-worthy produces. As you partake of the food they serve in their farms, you relish not only on the flavor but also the fresh, nutritious taste that this food leaves in your mouth.

If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy the great view of farms and indulge on healthy and fresh delicacies, these organic farm tours near Bacolod City will make your dream vacation possible.

Rapha Valley, Salvador Benedicto

organic farm tours near Bacolod: Rapha Valley Farm
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organic farm tours near Bacolod: Rapha Valley Farm
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Set in the cool, upland ambiance of Salvador Benedicto, Rapha Valley is surrounded by mountains and is greeted by the morning mist that seems to kiss the farm’s yields. Rapha Valley is owned and managed by husband and wife Dr. Albert and Marilou Jo. He is a medical doctor while she is a pharmacy degree holder, and they are now both organic product advocates.

Visitors can tour the farm; eat at the restaurant and relish on its Rapha Green Flowered Salad, Raphancit, Guilt Free Rapha Adobo and other healthy dishes; enroll in Rapha Valley’s detoxification program; and stay overnight in its rooms and casitas. If you want to go to the farm and take “Your Destiny to Wellness”, it is advised that you make reservations before visiting the place.

Price:                                  Entrance Fee P300 per head (consumable in the restaurant)
Tour package P625 per head, minimum of 8 pax
(includes tour and food)
Contact information:     +63 34 473 0816 | +63 921 613 7928
Opening hours:                9:00 am to 7:00 pm, weekends and holidays only
Address:                             Brgy. Kumaliskis, Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occ. 6105|map
Website:                             Rapha Valley| Facebook

Renato Catiempo Organic Farm, Bago City

organic farm tours near Bacolod: Catiempo Organic Farm
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The R. Catiempo Organic Farm is a small start-up farm that is not yet fully developed. But it is its rustic countryside feel that makes it more attractive to visitors. From its entrance along the highway, it’s a small trek towards the farm. Plants are planted in bamboo barks and plastic containers and are properly labeled.

Visitors can climb to the farm’s overlooking point where one can view the rice terraces in the surrounding lands. The farm produces organic black and red rice crops as well as various herbs, vegetables, and natural concoctions.

Price:                                   No entrance fee
Contact information:     +63 910 758 0559
Opening hours:                Available only by appointment
Address:                             Purok Abacca, Brgy. Mailum, Bago City, Negros Occ.

May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant, Bacolod City

organic farm tours near Bacolod: May's Organic Garden
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organic farm tours near Bacolod: May's Organic Garden