Breathtaking Philippine Honeymoon Getaways for Adventurous Couples

By Claire Marie Algarme

That time together after the wedding is one of the most awaited event in a newly married couple’s life. They call it as the “honeymoon.”  And for adventurous couples who want to have a mix of romance and adrenaline rush, your honeymoon in the Philippines can be extra special as countless honeymoon destinations offer exciting activities with a touch of romantic escapes.

Wouldn’t you want to spend your honeymoon where you can bond with your partner in the most exhilarating way? Make this moment memorable by taking the road less traveled. Spend your days doing a few thrilling activities and cap them with a quiet interlude in a magnificent hotel or resort while sharing a toast for this beautiful union. If you’re looking for the best places where you can spend your exciting honeymoon in the Philippines, consider these breathtaking honeymoon destinations for a romantic getaway while satiating your adventurous spirits as a couple.

Camiguin Island: Snorkel at the giant clam sanctuary, cap the day with a dip in the hot springs, and stay at the Volcano House overlooking the island

honeymoon destinations in the Philippines - Camiguin Island
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Camiguin is known as the island born of fire because of the many volcanoes found on this tiny island. It’s a perfect place to spend your first few days as a married couple as you get to snorkel and see the giant clams nestled in the seabed off the coast of the Kibila White Beach. They were a sight to behold as they come alive in their natural habitat, something that can make your honeymoon meaningful and fun. Apart from the clam nursery, newlyweds can tour the other beautiful spots of the island and end their day during sunset while having a relaxing dip at the Ardent Hot Springs as a prelude to a fantastic night together.

Volcano House
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You can spend the rest of the night and the sunrise in the romantic ambiance of the Volcano House, which provides stunning views of the island and the ocean as well as the serene sounds of the wind, waves, and the birds. It would be a delight to wake up as husband and wife with the sun streaking its glorious rays on the horizon while all these beauty surrounds you. What a wonderful way to spend your honeymoon in the Philippines!

Kibila Giant Clam Sanctuary and Kibila Beach
Address: Kibila, Barangay Kantaan, Guinsiliban, Camiguin
Website: Facebook
Fees per person: Entrance P25.00 | Clam viewing with guide P150.00

Ardent Hot Springs
Address: Esperanza, Tagdo, Mambajao, Camiguin
Contact Information: +63 88 387 0948
Website: http://www.camiguin-island.com/ardent-hot-springs.shtml
Fees: Entrance P25.00

Volcano House
Address: Mambajao, Camiguin
Website: AirBnB page
Price per room: P1,797.00 and up

Oriental Mindoro: Mud kart, hike Tukuran Falls, and have a romantic dinner surrounded by the sea at Buri Resort, Puerto Galera

honeymoon destinations in the Philippines - Oriental Mindoro
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While Oriental Mindoro is home to some of the famous beaches, it is also a venue for a number of adventure activities. Now gaining popularity is the mud kart driving just outside Puerto Galera. You’ll surely have a fun time starting your honeymoon in the Philippines with the thrill of hiking or riding a carabao cart on the way to Tukuran Falls where they can take pleasure in a relaxing swim.

dinner in Oriental Mindoro - honeymoon destinations in the philippines
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After an exhilarating day, share a romantic dinner at Buri Resort and Spa, cocooned in the quiet part of Puerto Galera, and bond while having a soothing massage at the spa.

X-Treme Sports Philippines
Address: Holy Child School, Santo Nino, Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental
Contact Information: +63 917 552 8114
Website: http://www.extremesportsphilippines.com/puertogalera/activities-in-puerto-galera/mud-karts/
Fees: P500 for 6 laps

Buri Resort and Spa
Address: Sitio Dalaruan, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
Contact Information: +63 927 438 6888 | +63 2 625 8627
Website: http://www.buri-resort.com/
Fees: P3,500 and up per room depending on season and availability

Negros Oriental: Watch the dolphins swim, take a Ligiron ride, embrace the serene and romantic ambiance of the twin lakes, and share a candlelight dinner in Atmosphere Resort’s tree house

Honeymoon destinations in the Philippines - Negros Oriental
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Honeymoon destinations in the Philippines - Bais Bay, Negros Oriental
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This province may not be a top-of-mind destination for honeymooners, but there are, in fact, tons of things to do in Negros Oriental. Newly-weds looking for some thrill and fun can start it off the coast of Bais City by spotting the dolphins and whales swimming along Tañon Strait. Bathe under the sun at the Manjuyod sand bar before you hit the uplands. In the town of Valencia, you can ride a Ligiron, a scooter-like vehicle made of hardwood with the contraption, and race downhill on a rugged terrain. Then, bask in the serene surroundings of the twin lakes, where you can swim, paddle board, and share a quiet moment together.

Honeymoon destinations in the Philippines - treehouse dinner in Negros Oriental
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Honeymoon destinations in the Philippines - Spa pavillions in Negros Oriental
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This one of the most stunning honeymoon destinations can be made even more exciting with a stay at the Atmosphere Resorts and Spa where you can do other adventurous activities and avail of a calming watsu, or water shiatsu. Here you can savor a playful and private romantic dinner in a tree house.

Bais Tourism Office
Address: Bais City Hall, Negros Oriental
Contact Information: +63 35 541 5161 | +63 35 402 8174
Website: http://baistourism.blogspot.com/2013/04/bais-dolphin-watching-boats.html
Fees: P3,500 to P5,000 per boat

Ligiron Ride
Address: Camp Lookout, Valencia, Negros Oriental
Contact Information: (Nicky Dumapit) +63 927 654 9601 | +63 919 648 8615
Website: Facebook

Atmosphere Resorts and Spa
Address: Maayong Tubig, Dauin, Negros Oriental
Contact Information: +63 35 400 6940 | +63 917 700 2048
Website: http://atmosphereresorts.com/
Fees: Starts at P11,500 per room depending on season and availability

Siargao: Cliff jump at the Magpupungko pools, try your hand at kite surfing, paddle boarding, caving, and game fishing, then watch the stars in the secluded setting of Kalinaw Resort’s pool-suite villa 

Honeymoon destinations in the philippines - Kite Surfing Siargao
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Honeymoon destinations in the philippines - magpupungko pools, Siargao
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Siargao Island is another surfing haven, but you can take the thrill to the next level and venture on surfing the wind, not the waves, through a large kite and enjoy a breathtaking view of the lagoon. Take an up-close and personal experience with the lagoon as you get into it by kayak or paddle board. Get inside Suhoton Cave and explore the magnificent interiors. Wouldn’t it be fun to do a bit of fishing and see who gets the biggest catch?

Honeymoon destinations in the philippines - kalinaw resort, Siargao
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Honeymoon destinations in the philippines - Kalinaw Resort, Siargao
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End your day with a luxurious night at Kalinaw Resort’s pool suite villa that provides you with the privacy and seclusion you long for in your honeymoon. Here you have your lounge with a balcony that offers you breathtaking views, plus your own infinity pool where you can enjoy a night swim in the solitude of your villa.

Sailfish Bay Surf and Fishing
Address: Pacifico, San Isidro, Siargao Island
Contact Information: +63 939 601 7430
Website: http://www.sailfishbaysurfandfishing.com/
Fees: P20,000 to P36,000 per couple depending on the package

Kalinaw Resort
Address: General Luna, Surigao del Norte
Contact Information: +63 930 251 5677 | +63 999 883 0320
Website: http://www.kalinawresort.com/
Fees: P9,900 and above per room depending on season and availability

Northern Cebu: Hike Mt. Mauyog, trek to the waterfalls, zip line across Medellin, bike around Bantayan Island, and toast to your union with the sunset as your backdrop at Kandaya Resort

Honeymoon destinations in the philippines - Mt. Mauyog, Northern Cebu
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Honeymoon destinations in the philippines - funtastic medellin in Northern Cebu
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Start and end your day as a couple doing your yoga poses at the white sand beach of Kandaya Resort, where you can try various activities like learning martial arts, playing tennis and watersports, swimming at the sea, and do horseback riding. Away from Kandaya, your honeymoon can be extra fun through a trek to Kabang Falls, which can also take you through Budlaan River to Mt. Kan-Irag in Talamban; or a hike to the challenging Mt. Mauyog peak. Experience a bit of adrenaline rush when you zip line at Medellin.

Honeymoon destinations in the philippines - kandaya resort, Northern Cebu
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Honeymoon destinations in the philippines - kandaya resort, Northern Cebu (2)
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Make your night soothing after an active day the healing touch of expert masseurs at Kandaya’s Day Spa before you cap your night with a romantic dinner by the beach or at The Gardens.

Mt. Mauyog Jump-Off Point
Address: Sition Awayan, Tapunan, Cebu
Contact Information: (Robinson) +63 907 928 3940
Website: https://mytraveldigest.com/2015/06/09/mt-mauyog-day-hike/
Fee: P300 for the guide

Budlaan River-Kabang Falls-Mt. Kan-Irag Trek
Address: Sitio Baugo, Baranggay Budlaan, Talamban, Cebu
Contact Information: (Ruel Olaso) +63 921 588 2345 or +63 9236 651 515 | (Peri Pervida) +63 928 401 6666 or +63 933 403 6408
Website:  https://adrenalineromance.com/2013/01/23/kabang-falls-and-mt-kan-irag-all-in-one-adventure/

Medellin Zipline
Address: Barangay Caputatan Norte, Medellin, Cebu
Contact Information: (Municipal office) +63 32 436 2031 | +63 917 623 4925
Website: Municipal Website or Facebook
Fees: P50

Kandaya Resort
Address:  Agujo,  Daanbantayan, Cebu
Contact Information: +63 32 260 6006 | +63 999 888 6691
Website: http://kandayaresort.com/
Fees: P9,000 and above per room depending on season and availability

Main Image by Denise Llanos Dee

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