Find Paradise Near Manila with These Secluded Beaches in Quezon

by Julia Escano

Sure, the -ber months are upon us, which makes it the least ideal time to be going to the beach. Right? Not really. Before we feel the full force of the stormy season, we must enjoy to the fullest whatever sunshine comes our way!

Dips in the sea are cooling, calming, and fun, making them the perfect escape, whatever the season may be. But when half the city is sunbathing and swimming right beside you, it makes being in the beach feel more like a mall sale, less like a relaxing hideaway. Wouldn’t it be better to have a beach all to yourself, so you can laze around in peace while enjoying your buko? There are many secluded beaches near Manila that can give you just that.

Quezon province alone boasts of beaches less overrun by tourists than the busy shores of Batangas, Zambales, and Subic. Accessible, relatively secluded, definitely beautiful — here are 5 handpicked beach destinations you can go to. Enjoy them (and your buko) to the fullest!

Lukang Beach, Pagbilao

secluded beaches near manila: Quezon
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Lukang Beach, more popularly known as Puting Buhangin, is a neighboring beach of Dampalitan. In spite of the proximity, many say that it is the more excellent beach because of its finer sands, more blue waters, and fewer tourists. Apart from being a fine beach perfect for picnics and sunbathing, Lukang Beach also has Kuwebang Lampas. It’s a small cave just off the shore, which is a sweet spot for a more secluded dip or some photo ops. 

Salibungot Beach, Jomalig Island

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secluded beaches near manila: Salibungot Beach, Jomalig Island 2
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First off, this isn’t a white sand beach. Instead, it’s a stretch of bright gold powder that goes on and on and on. Salibungot Beach is one of the more secluded beaches in Quezon, but the work it requires to get there pays off more than double. Because of its distance, it’s not quite a tourist sight but it is an isolated island paradise. There is a small barangay on the island with one homestay open for guests. Otherwise, camping on the beach is allowed. If you’re prepared to brave distance for a real escape, this place will reward you for it. 

Anilon Island, Burdeos 

secluded beaches near manila: Anilon Island, Burdeos 1
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secluded beaches near manila: Anilon Island, Burdeos
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Located in a town that isn’t yet powered by electricity, you can only expect how raw Anilon Island still is. For this reason, it is truly a camper’s paradise. It doesn’t have any commercial facilities (or any kind of facilities, at that.) With only the pristine waters, fine shores, and warm locals to keep you company, visiting Anilon makes for a truly personal experience. Apart from swimming and being a beach bum, the island also features a picturesque tunnel-like cave where visitors can walk through or swim through. It’s a visual treat for photo enthusiasts! The neighboring islands of Anawan, Buguitay, and Binumbunan are also similarly raw and beautiful, ideal for some island-hopping or camping near Manila. 

Minasawa Island, Polillo

secluded beaches near manila: Minasawa Island, Polillo 1
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Unlike the other islands, Minasawa’s beaches are covered with tiny pebbles instead of sand. The result is a pleasant sensation on your feet and skin when the little stones roll off of it. Near the beach is the beginning of a lush tropical forest that serves as a shade from the sun. Deeper into the forest, in the heart of the island, is the bird sanctuary and game refuge that made Minasawa famous. It’s home to several species of rare birds and other wildlife. 

Alibijaban Island, San Andres 

secluded beaches near manila: Alibijaban Island, San Andres 1
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secluded beaches near manila: Alibijaban Island, San Andres 2
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Alibijaban (A-li-bi-ha-ban) Island is located near the southern tip of Quezon province, making it pretty close to Bicol. It’s a spot more popular to locals of the region than Manileños because of its distance. But because it’s still largely undiscovered, it remains one of the more secluded beaches in Quezon and has maintained its white sand beaches and clear waters. Alibijaban isn’t just for being lazy on the beach as it offers some remarkable snorkeling sites right off the coast. It’s also rich in mangroves and contains a few sandbars for those looking for a perfect shot of paradise.

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