To Boracay, and Beyond: 9 Things to Do Near Boracay

In a province like Aklan where tourists could be seen frequenting the island of Boracay, one might consider opting for a quiet place to stop and breathe. Luckily the area is filled with an array of activities randomly spread beyond what it’s famous for. Here, we listed down things to do outside Boracay.

1. Wild swimming in Hurom-Hurom springs

hurom hurom
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Begin your adventure with the sound of fresh water flowing through rocks and kick off by riding a kayak down the river of Gibon. Spot some deer and hornbills, and stop by to say hi to some tourists you may encounter, if there’s any.

Location: Nabas; 45 minutes – 1 hour travel from Boracay

How To Get There: Ride a boat in Caticlan going to Basang then hire a van for a 30 minute land travel from Caticlan to Hurom-Hurom springs.

2. Spelunking in Basang Cave

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Hike about five minutes in a mountainous trail and find an old narra tree plus a massive rock greeting you in the entrance. Explore Basang Cave and discover a basin perfect for swimming. If you’re adventurous enough, the average visit of 20 minutes might not suffice but feel free to spend hours delving deeper into the cave.

Location: Nabas; 45 minutes – 1 hour travel from Boracay

How To Get There: Ride a boat in Caticlan going to Basang then hire a van for a 30 minute land travel from Caticlan to Basang Cave.

3. Tour around Hacienda Maria

Hacienda Maria

Roam around a newly discovered eco-tourism destination and find a 14-hectare land filled with unspoiled beauty –take a dip in a hot pot jacuzzi, sample some coconut wine, swim in waterfalls or go spelunking. Relax, forget your worries for a day and breathe in clean air and excellent views, all day.

Location: Buruanga; 1 – 1.15 hour from Boracay

How To Get There: This is an exclusive tour. Contact them directly at +639209692788, 09266112661 or email at haciendamaria@yahoo.com to reserve a slot.

4. Volunteer at Aklan Animal Rescue Centre

Aklan Animal Rehabilitation Center
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Walk to Lambingan beach with some dogs from the animal rescue center and see them play in the sea, with their wheelchairs on, like kids visiting a beach for the first time. Get to know the 70 dogs and cats in their humble home, which also serves as a bed and breakfast welcoming visitors anytime, so long as they’re animal lovers.

Location: Kalibo; 30 minutes from Kalibo airport

How To Get There: From Kalibo Airport, ride a tricycle and ask to be dropped by Wadeford School then from there, turn left at the next street. AARRC is after 50m on your right.

5. Visit Ingus-Ingus Hill

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Go back in time wherein this hill served as a lookout for Moro pirates during the Spanish era. Discover the hill located underneath it, and retrace history every little step of the way.

Location: Buruanga; 1 hour to 1.5 hour travel from Boracay

How To Get There: Ride a boat going to Caticlan then ride a bus going to Buruanga. Charter a tricycle from there.

6. Spot the Tinagong Dagat

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Find a sea hidden literally between Altavas and Batan, dotted with mangroves and a boulder beach with relaxed waters perfect for speed boating and water skiing. Spend a day of seclusion and exclusivity in this not so popular destination.

Location: Batan; 2.5-3 hour travel from Caticlan; 1 hour travel from Kalibo

How To Get There: From Kalibo, take a jeep heading to Dumaguit Port. Ride a boat going to Batan.

7. Traverse the Bakhawan Eco Park

Photo by RDexter/ CC BY

Formerly a stretch of empty mud flats, Bakhawan Eco Park in Barangay New Buswang is was reforested by an NGO group to a mangrove forest. Today, being more than just an eco park, it’s been continuously helping the local community avoid floods and storm surges. Walk through its 1.3 kilometer bamboo bridge and listen to some birds singing.

Location: Kalibo; 10 minute ride from Kalibo Airport

How To Get There: Charter a tricycle from the airport heading straight to Bakhawan.

8. Take a dip in Jawili Beach

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Jawili beach may be a bit farfetched from the white, powdery sands of Boracay but it’s isolation, vast land filled with coconut trees, nipa huts, and grey sand beach plus a falls with seven basins nearby –is what makes this place charming.

Location: Tangalan; 45 minutes from Kalibo

How To Get There: Ride a Tangalan bound jeep from Kalibo airport then ride a tricycle bound for Jawili.

9. Water Tubing at Bugang River

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Not only is Bugang River a side trip you can do near Boracay, it was also awarded the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines. You can trek to Malumpati Spring, and then, take a water tube from the head spring to the main lagoon. Swimming and rafting on the main lagoon are additional activities you can do that will fill-up your day. If you want to add more local experiences, head to Pandan early and watch Fishermen with their early morning catch.

Location: Pandan, Antique; 1.5 hours from Caticlan

How To Get There: From Caticlan, take a Ceres Bus to Pandan, Antique or any bus to San Jose, Antique or Iloilo as it would pass by Pandan.  And then, take a tricycle to Malumpati Cold Spring.

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