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Your Travel Guide To Chasing Waterfalls In Negros Island

Negros Island is full of stunning natural attractions from its pristine beaches, lush green forests, eco-parks to its beautiful mountains. But aside from that, there are also lots of majestic waterfalls scattered all over the province that deserves to be mentioned. Well, here’s a travel guide that will help you chase some of the best Negros Island Waterfalls.

Casaroro Falls

Photo by Etienne Martin / CC BY
Photo by Etienne Martin / CC BY

This 100-feet waterfall is located in the municipality of Valencia which is an hour away from Dumaguete, the capital city of Negros Oriental. Casaroro Falls a.k.a. Kalamason Falls is dubbed by many as the most photographed waterfall in Negros because of its unique appearance. It’s tall and vertically narrow compared to the normal cascade that’s why it looks very majestic.

How to get to Casaroro Falls: Take a jeepney going to Valencia proper which costs PHP20 if you’re coming from Dumaguete. From there, you can hire a “habal-habal” or a motorcycle to take you to the jump-off point of the waterfall. Start walking down the 350-step staircase and hike through a trail of rocks, streams, and giant boulders to reach your destination. Travel time from Dumaguete to the jump-off point would take you about 1 hour. The hike down takes about 15 minutes but would still depend on your pace.

Pulangbato Falls

Photo by Gregg Mayormita / CC BY
Photo by Gregg Mayormita / CC BY

Pulangbato Falls is another waterfall found in Valencia. Its appearance is the total opposite of Casaroro Falls since it has a wide and layered cascade. The name comes from two native terms “pula” and “bato” which means red rock.  The name is appropriate for the waterfall since the rocks and water in the area have a reddish coloration caused by the presence of sulfur minerals.

How to get to Pulangbato Falls: Travel from Dumaguete to Valencia town proper via jeepney. Do the same thing by hiring a motorcycle but this time, tell your driver/guide to take you to Pulangbato Falls. The whole trip only takes an hour since you’d be taken directly to the site of the waterfall.

Kipot Twin Falls

Photo by Bago City / CC BY
Photo by Bago City / CC BY

There’s so much diversity in Negros Island’s waterfalls. Kipot Twin Falls is another attraction located in Bago City that’s famous for its two identical cascades divided by a huge rock. It’s a relaxing place that’s perfect for family picnics and sightseeing activities.

How to get to Kipot Twin Falls: Bacolod City is your best starting point if you want to get to Kipot Falls. Hop on a bus going to Brgy. Ma-ao and when you get there, hire a tricycle going to the falls. Your total travel expenses would reach no more than PHP100. The bus and tricycle ride would total to three hours of travel time.

Mag-aso Falls

Mag-aso Falls is the type of waterfall that’s perfect for all types of visitors. It’s located within a resort so it’s definitely safe and there are lots of facilities present in the area. There’s even a man-made pool that gets its water source from the waterfall. But aside from that, the waterfalls itself is just enchanting to look at with its aquamarine waters surrounded by mossy rocks.

How to get to Mag-aso Falls: First, take a bus at the Bacolod South Terminal that’s bound for Kabankalan City. Second, hire a tricycle going to “Mercado.” Third, take a jeepney and tell your driver to take you to the drop-off point of Mag-aso Falls. Lastly, hire a tricycle that would take you directly to the resort. Your total travel expenses would be dependent on your haggling skills, but it’s somewhere around PHP800/person for a round trip. The total travel time would be 4 hours, depending if you have stopovers, but it’s definitely worth it the wait.

Sudlon Falls

This waterfall is part of the famous Mt.Canlaon. It’s a popular hiking destination being the highest point in the whole Visayas region. Sudlon Falls is located in the northeastern part of the mountain at Brgy. Malaiba which is about 6km away from Canlaon City proper. But there’s even another waterfall in the area called Quipot Falls that’s just 5 km away from the city.

Planning a DIY trip to these waterfalls is a lot of work because you have to go through a lot of procedures first. Your best option would be joining an organized tour such as Trail Adventours.

Niludhan Falls

Photo by Jan Robin / CC BY
Photo by Jan Robin / CC BY

Niludhan Falls is probably one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Negros Island. It’s like a miniature version of Victoria Falls in Southern Africa with its broad and neatly-formed cascade. However, it also has one of the hardest trails, and the site is not yet fully-developed. It’s the perfect destination for adventurers and nature-trippers.

How to get to Niludhan Falls: The directions to Niludhan Falls are pretty complicated, but the easiest way would be taking a bus from Dumaguete City bound for Bayawan City. Travel time would be between 2-3hrs. and fare would cost PHP110/person. Next, catch a jeepney plying to Dawis or hire a “habal-habal” and it’ll take you another two hours to get to the site.

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