7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Boracay

by Shayne Zalameda

Boracay is famous for its white sand beaches, thrilling nightlife, delicious fruit shakes, and calamansi muffins. But here, we’ve listed down 7 things to make your stay in the island beyond the usual.

1. Ride a Flybike

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If you’re looking for a more thrilling water activity, try flybike. Here, you will learn how to fly 25 feet above sea level. They say that if you know how to ride a bike, you could easily learn flybike, too. So what are you waiting for, start gliding in air!

Contact: Xtreme Fun | +63 910 230 0000

2. Hop on a Crystal boat

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Paddle your way around an island with a crystal boat. Bask in the middle of the sea, with the sun at the top, and a clear view of the underwater just within your feet. If lucky, you would even see a group of fishes dropping by to say hi.

Contact: Boracay Leisure Travel

3. Embark on an underwater journey at the Oceanarium

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Traverse an underwater tunnel and see live baby sharks swimming. On the side, you could also find one of the biggest pearl in the world measuring which weighs at 9 kg.

Contact: Crown Regency Resort

4. Take a Helicopter Tour

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See Boracay in a different angle by joining a helicopter tour. Take your companion’s breath away by indulging in a view that’s unlike any other. It may be a bit on the expensive side but it’s definitely something you will remember fondly.

Contact: Boracay Helicopters | +63 998 545 7220

5. Ride a Carabao

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Time travel for a day and go back to a time wherein there are no commercial establishments in Boracay yet. In Motag Living Museum, you could try not just riding a carabao, but also experience the daily process of work in a farm.

Contact: Motag Living Museum | +63 921 556 3111

6. Party on a Cruise Ship

Photo by Jack Jarilla, courtesy of Boracay SunCruiser
Boracay SunCruiser SUPER SLIDE
Photo by Jack Jarilla, courtesy of Boracay SunCruiser

Start the party right onboard a cruise ship, take a plunge using their inflatable slide, mingle with new people, have some drinks on your hand, and toast to a new adventure with the beautiful sunset right across the horizon.

Contact: Facebook Boracay Sun Cruiser

7. Be a mermaid for a day

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Fulfill your dreams of having fins and being friends with the Flounders and Nemos of the sea. Learn how to swim like one, or simply opt to have a photo as your proof of being a non-human for a day.

Contact: Facebook | PMSA

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