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Why Filipinos should Visit New Zealand Right Now

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting New Zealand, the time may be ripe for you to tick it off your bucket list. Sure, it still requires a Visa for Filipinos – but you shouldn’t let that stop you!  A closer look at current travel trends makes it easier for you to travel way down under this year.

Below, we give you 5 major reasons to start planning that trip to New Zealand:

  1. AirAsia just resumed its flights to New Zealand.

The Malaysian low-cost airline resumed its flights to Auckland in March. Flights are available from Manila, Kalibo, and Cebu, and will pass through Kuala Lumpur and transit in Gold Coast, Australia. Given this route, the trip may be twice as long, but almost a third of the price.

Their low-fare options can go as low as P30,000 roundtrip, compared to Philippine Airlines’ one-stop Budget Economy 12-hour flight at around $1,000 or roughly P45,000. If you don’t mind layovers, that means huge savings for you!

Pro tip: Per Skyscanner’s search tool, the cheapest time to go to New Zealand is in August.

  1. AirNewZealand will have direct flights to Manila starting December.

If you can wait a few months, and would rather fly direct, AirNewZealand just announced that they would be offering direct flights from Manila to Auckland in December! As the first non-stop service between the two countries, the flight will save about 2 to 2.5 hours each way – giving you more time to spend with loved ones or exploring NZ.

  1. New Zealand has Working Holiday Schemes for Filipinos.

Many people don’t know this yet, but since 2014, aged 18-30 years old. Working Holiday Visas allow travelers to undertake employment legally while vacationing in another country – enabling them to fund their trips and extend it further.

The Working Holiday Scheme between the Philippines and New Zealand allows participants to enroll in training or study for a maximum period of three months, or work for one year with a limit of three months per employer. The participant must then leave New Zealand at the end of the 12-month period.

Pro Tip: Only 100 WHS visas per year will be issued to successful Filipino applicants. Applications reopen in February 2017 – so start researching your work options and completing your requirements as early as now! Interested? View the full details here.

  1. New Zealand offers Limited Visa status, which is easier to apply for.

While New Zealand also grants tourists visas, which can last from 3 to 12 months, one can apply for a Limited Visa. The Limited Visa allows travelers to go to New Zealand for an express purpose – say, to attend a wedding or graduation, to attend to a family emergency, or to study a short course. So if you’re worried about being rejected for a Visa due to eligibility, this is a very viable option. It makes it easier for visitors to go to New Zealand for purposes other than tourism.

Do you need to visit New Zealand soon? View the full details here.

  1. There are Filipinos everywhere.

It’s always comforting to meet a fellow Filipino in an unfamiliar place. It’s very likely that you’ll come across more than several of them on your trip as over 40,000 Filipinos now call NZ home – a number that has tripled since 2001!

So should you find yourself homesick during your working holiday or extended stay in New Zealand, know that there will be fellow Filipinos around!

5 thoughts on “Why Filipinos should Visit New Zealand Right Now”

  1. Hi! Nice blog! Btw I have received two files from NZ for WHD. However, the first MS Word file cannot be viewed due to “problem with its contents”. Did you contact them or open it with different app/software? Thank you!

      1. I already got my WHS Visa! Finally! By the way, thanks for the link. I am planning to leave next month, but I still don’t know where to stay (maybe, Auckland or Wellington) and where to apply for work. Is it possible to know where did you stay (I prefer flat type because it is way cheaper) and how much?

  2. hello i’m planning to go NZ by next year and i’ thinking to take that Holiday working visa but it’s possible to take a permanent visa once i’m already in NZ?

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