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5 Organizations You Can Volunteer in this Weekend

by Mich Escultura

These days everyone’s busy with something, whether it’s work or school or a time-consuming hobby. We tend to be so immersed in our own little world in the city that we sometimes forget that we’re more than capable of lending a helping hand to those who aren’t as privileged as we are. But contrary to popular belief, being a volunteer doesn’t need to take up too much of your time. In fact, if you just have a couple of hours to spare on the weekends along with a genuine desire to help out, you’re more than welcome to find volunteer opportunities at these organizations in Manila.

1. U! Happy Events

volunteer opportunities in U! Happy Events in Manila
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Whether you want to celebrate your birthday by volunteering or you just want to come to their weekly events, U! Happy Events is a fun and fulfilling way to volunteer. U! Happy Events provides support and teaches values to marginalized kids in the Philippines though creative events such as interactive games, fund raisers, field trips, and workshops. You’re even free to customize an event for the kids!

Registration for volunteering is through text, and you’ll be required to pay a minimal sponsor fee of Php250. This already includes your food, personal ID, U! Happy Events Baller ID, and a pen, as well as food, materials, and gifts for the kid you’ll be partnered with.

Want to be a U! Happy Events volunteer? Click here  for more schedules and details.

When can you volunteer?

June 4, 2016, Saturday, 8am – 11pm

Event: Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid Community Children Goes to Enchanted Kingdom Year 2

You can get more info here.

Contact numbers: +63917 8874278


2. Haribon Foundation

volunteer opportunities to find at Haribon Foundation in Manila

Haribon Foundation is a membership organization committed to nature conservation. They got their name from Haring Ibon or the Philippine Eagle, which happens to be a great barometer for knowing the state of our forests. Haribon is the Philippines’ first environmental organization, as they practically started the environmental movement in the Philippines! They have a bunch of activities for the nature lovers out there, and that includes tree planting events, bird watching, biodiversity on wheels, as well as in-office work for those who’d prefer to stay indoors while still helping.

Are you a nature lover who wants to lend a helping hand? Fill out the form and volunteer at Haribon here.

When can you volunteer?

All year round! Tree planting volunteer opportunities take place from June to November, and activities like birdwatching and Biodiversity on Wheels occur all year round!

Address: 2/F Santos & Sons Building, 973 Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City

Contact: +632 421 1209 | act@haribon.org.ph


3. Gawad Kalinga

volunteer opportunities to find at Gawad Kalinga in Manila
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Grounded in the spirit of Bayanihan, Gawad Kalinga’s main aim is to help eliminate poverty in communities within and outside the Metro. Gawad Kalinga works on building infrastructure for these communities, while also supplementing the construction with programs for health, education, values formation, and productivity. At Gawad Kalinga, you can choose to join their scheduled activities or you can be an on-call volunteer whom they can contact, especially for disaster response efforts. For more information on becoming a GK volunteer, check out their volunteer page.

When can you volunteer?

May 24, 2016 – May 28, 2016, Tuesday to Saturday, 8am –  8pm, GK Bayani Challenge: Bacolod

June 8 – June 12, 2016, Wednesday to Sunday,  8am- 8:00pm, GK Bayani Challenge: Metro Manila (Paranaque)

Bayani Challenge 2016: Barangay Walang Iwanan is a nationwide campaign to mainstream a lifestyle of volunteerism and bayanihan at the barangay level. If we are able to bring out the hero in everyone and address poverty in our barangays, then we can better imagine ending poverty for the 5 million families in our country. Here is a detailed schedule.

Address: 2nd Floor, Cheng Building, 12 Haig Street, Brgy. Daang-Bakal, Mandaluyong City

Contact Number: +632 533 2217


4. Angel Volunteers

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You don’t even need to leave the comforts of your own home to help other people out. Angel Volunteers is an online volunteer organization that answers questions online (think Yahoo! Answers, but with zero trolls). Questions are posted onto the site and volunteers just give them answers, while making sure that their answers are “…exclusively charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, and the prevention of cruelty to children or animals” and shall only produce positive influence on individuals and society.

The topics you can answer include anything and everything under the sun, from immediate queries from travelers looking for an easy route to questions about life and spirituality. You can find your niche there and maybe even become one of the Angels users look to in order to answer tough questions.

Feel like becoming an online Angel? You can register here.

5. iVolunteer Philippines

volunteer opportunities to find at iVolunteer Philippines in Manila
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For those of you who are looking to volunteer in a specific field, whether your advocacy is in education, animal welfare, child welfare, or anywhere else, iVolunteer makes your search easier. Think of their site as a search engine where you can select the category, organization, and date of your choice to volunteer. Their site is always updated with the latest volunteer opportunities, so you can check back with them any time you feel like lending a helping hand. You can start your search here.


Whether you wish to use your strength, your wits, your time, or your patience to help out those who are in need, these organizations can give you a way to share your charitable spirit. So get out there and make some time to volunteer! Not only will you help the community you’re assigned to, but you’ll also leave the event feeling just a little more lighthearted.

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