Farm Resorts Near Manila for Your Next Vacation

by Julia Escano

Beaches are a staple when it comes to weekends and short vacations out of town. Likewise, mountain climbing and camping have become a popular activity across the board. But too much of these and you can’t help but look for something new, something different, but something equally fun. In the past few years, farm resorts across the Philippines have grown in number. Soon they will probably become the next hot destination for weekend warriors and out-of-towners looking for a different experience.

Farm resorts are great in that they offer a different side of nature we rarely get to see, while providing all the creature comforts of a true getaway. Imagine the serenity of waking up in the morning and looking out into vast farmlands where you are protected from the hustle and bustle of the city. The following is a list of farm resorts near Manila, which offers a unique escape from the daily grind or the usual destinations.

Costales Nature Farms

farm resorts near Manila: costales-1
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Located in Majayjay, Laguna, Costales Nature Farms was established in 2005 to cultivate premiere organic produce in the country. Now, it has also opened its Continue reading Farm Resorts Near Manila for Your Next Vacation

More than Just Coffee: 7 Themed Cafés You Have to Check Out

by Mich Escultura

While Starbucks and The Coffee Bean are some of the most popular hangouts for folks looking for a relaxing place to get a coffee fix, it wouldn’t hurt to venture out and find a café that gets your creative juices flowing just by being there. There are a ton of unique themed cafés scattered around Manila, and we’ve compiled a few of the ones that can give you more than just your regular coffee experience.

If you’re a gamer looking for a board game café to visit, we’ve got an entire article dedicated to that particular theme!

1. UKE Box Caffe

unique themed cafes in metro manila: UKE Box Cafe
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UKE Box Caffe is a themed café that specializes in making you feel like you’re relaxing by the sea with its soothing music, local coffee paired with sumptuous dishes, and of course, the beach-themed interiors. Amid the busy southbound lane of C5 lies this oasis of relaxation that not only serves a multitude of refreshments and live music, but also transforms into a creative learning space.

What’s there to do? You can also learn to play the ukulele with their workshops. And that’s not all; UKE Box Café can also be your venue of choice for teaching and Continue reading More than Just Coffee: 7 Themed Cafés You Have to Check Out

8 Culinary Tours to Eat Your Way through the Philippines

For many, cuisine is the highlight of travel. While some choose to go sightseeing, shopping, or adventure-seeking, there are those who have a great passion for local food. With 7,107 islands and 145 cities in the Philippines, not to mention the selection of great food all over the country, it can be difficult to choose. Thankfully, there are curated heritage and culinary tours that can help you taste your way through the Philippines!

Taste homegrown cuisine in the most historic settings with these 8 tasty Philippine culinary tours:

    Eat Your Way Through Pampanga

Visit the towns that define Pampanga’s cultural heritage with Bryan Ocampo’s guided tour. Discover the culinary and historical secrets of Guagua, Mexico, Angeles and San Fernando through the museum, church and factory visits, baking lessons from renowned Kapampangan chef Lillian Lising de Borromeo, and of course, hosted meals handpicked by the tour master.

One of the best Philippine culinary tours can be found in Pampanga
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Woman demonstrates a kapampangan dessert recipe as part of the Philippine culinary tours
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You’ll have agahan (breakfast) in Guagua, tanghalian (lunch) in Mexico and early Continue reading 8 Culinary Tours to Eat Your Way through the Philippines

Free-Flowing Beer: 11 Best Spots for Your Draft Beer Fix

by Mich Escultura

Ah, beer! The one ever-present drink that’s pretty much a requirement for a night of fun. Whether in bottles, in buckets, or in a glass filled with ice, beer never ceases to disappoint. But why stop short at a bottle or a bucket when you can get a free-flowing fix with a variety of draft beers?

If you’re looking to get a truly satisfying beer experience with that old school pub feel, here’s our picks for the best draft beer places to get a hefty pint of keg beer!

1. Tap Station

best draft beer places in manila: Tap Station
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Undoubtedly the first option when it comes to getting your craft beer on tap, Tap Station offers ten varieties of draft beer, from Indian Pale Ales, Indian Red Ales, Fruit Ales, and more! And who can resist the intriguing names they give their beer like Shut Up IPA, Hard Day Blonde Ale, and Wild Ride?

And yes, they do have serve some chow to go with your pint. But you know you’ll Continue reading Free-Flowing Beer: 11 Best Spots for Your Draft Beer Fix

Unlimited Cocktail Promos to Bring Out Your Inner Hemingway

by Mich Escultura 

If you’re a hardcore drinker who can keep up with the likes of Hemingway, Van Gogh, and Marx, you’ve probably already noticed the glaring dent your alcohol cravings have inflicted on your wallet. But spending more on drinks doesn’t necessarily mean you get a bang for your buck. Sometimes, what you should be after is the perfect promo where you can pay just once to get all the cocktails your liver can handle. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of unlimited cocktail promos in Manila!

Loved our unlimited wine article but you now want a taste of free-flowing cocktails? This list was made for drinkers like you!

1. Agave Mexican Cantina

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When it comes to unlimited margaritas and mojitos at a super affordable price, Agave Mexican Cantina is one place that delivers. Plus, their menu also has the best grub to complement those cocktails with dishes like their belly-busting chimichangas and party platters like their Plato Supremo. Continue reading Unlimited Cocktail Promos to Bring Out Your Inner Hemingway

7 Board Game Cafes to Try on Your Next Bonding Sesh

by Mich Escultura

When your eyes are tired of looking at a screen all day, it’s always nice to take some time off while bonding with some friends. But instead of the usual dinner, drinks or coffee, why not add a bit of competitive fun to your bonding sesh with some board games to keep you all constantly entertained.

No idea where to find the best board game cafes are in your area? Here’s our list of board game cafes that cater to classic and contemporary tabletop tastes.

1. Fire Sword Board Game Café

Image Source
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With a ton of games in their arsenal, Fire Sword Board Game Café is chock full of games you can play with friends and family. Just pick out one of their many games and start playing as you feast on one of their Artisan Sausage Meals or their milkshakes. And if you happen to fall in love with the game you’re playing, you can even purchase the game! Continue reading 7 Board Game Cafes to Try on Your Next Bonding Sesh

7 Unlimited Wine Promos for Your Vino Obsession

Whether you’ve got a strong liver or a strong need to indulge in all the wine the Metro can offer, unlimited wine deals are your no-frills go-to event for the evening. Yes, there are unlimited wine deals scattered all around Metro Manila, and we’re here to give you a rundown of the best spots where you can freely satisfy that craving for free-flowing sauvignon, merlot, rose or what have you!

Is your liver ready? Good! Here’s Ellry’s list of top unlimited wine deals in Manila for the sincere drinker.

1. Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant

unlimited wine deals in Manila - Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant
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Exclusive, secluded and perfect for a private dinner, Lemuria offers a host of French Mediterranean dishes paired with a wide selection of fine wines. The place is as classy as it is picturesque with its cozy, rustic interior and its assortment of gourmet fare – truly as gustatory experience every wine and food lover should partake in!

The Promo: The Grape Escape

Coming to your thirsty bellies this March 17, 2016, The Grape Escape offers unlimited wine for just Php1000 per person. It also comes with a cheese buffet, but for just Php200 a plate, you can add some hors-d’oeuvres. And since Lemuria has its very own wine cellar filled with the finest vintage from Romania, Chile, Continue reading 7 Unlimited Wine Promos for Your Vino Obsession

7 Best Cubao Expo Drinking Experiences

Right in the middle of the metro lies one of the most underrated hubs for, well, just about anything. Cubao Expo, formerly known as Marikina Shoe Expo, is a small haven of art, culture, and free-flowing alcohol amidst the chaos of the city. It’s got vintage shops, music stores, restaurants, art galleries, and even its own dental clinic.

But once the sun’s down, that’s when Cubao Expo comes to life. Why? Because no other place in the city offers such a varied selection of drinking spots all huddled together in a single compound. So the next time you feel like having a drink instead of braving the unbearable city traffic, head straight on to Cubao Expo’s bars and restaurants, and take your pick from one of these venues.

1. Habanero Kitchen.Bar

Cubao Expo bars and restaurants - Habanero Kitchen.Bar
Habanero X-Bomb Bursting Shots | Image source

Come for the cozy ambiance, stay for the habanero-infused food and drinks.

This cozy little corner bar is one of those places that allows patrons to transition Continue reading 7 Best Cubao Expo Drinking Experiences