Unlimited Cocktail Promos to Bring Out Your Inner Hemingway

by Mich Escultura 

If you’re a hardcore drinker who can keep up with the likes of Hemingway, Van Gogh, and Marx, you’ve probably already noticed the glaring dent your alcohol cravings have inflicted on your wallet. But spending more on drinks doesn’t necessarily mean you get a bang for your buck. Sometimes, what you should be after is the perfect promo where you can pay just once to get all the cocktails your liver can handle. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of unlimited cocktail promos in Manila!

Loved our unlimited wine article but you now want a taste of free-flowing cocktails? This list was made for drinkers like you!

1. Agave Mexican Cantina

Image Source
Image Source

When it comes to unlimited margaritas and mojitos at a super affordable price, Agave Mexican Cantina is one place that delivers. Plus, their menu also has the best grub to complement those cocktails with dishes like their belly-busting chimichangas and party platters like their Plato Supremo. Continue reading Unlimited Cocktail Promos to Bring Out Your Inner Hemingway

7 Board Game Cafes to Try on Your Next Bonding Sesh

by Mich Escultura

When your eyes are tired of looking at a screen all day, it’s always nice to take some time off while bonding with some friends. But instead of the usual dinner, drinks or coffee, why not add a bit of competitive fun to your bonding sesh with some board games to keep you all constantly entertained.

No idea where to find the best board game cafes are in your area? Here’s our list of board game cafes that cater to classic and contemporary tabletop tastes.

1. Fire Sword Board Game Café

Image Source
Image Source

With a ton of games in their arsenal, Fire Sword Board Game Café is chock full of games you can play with friends and family. Just pick out one of their many games and start playing as you feast on one of their Artisan Sausage Meals or their milkshakes. And if you happen to fall in love with the game you’re playing, you can even purchase the game! Continue reading 7 Board Game Cafes to Try on Your Next Bonding Sesh

Why Marikina is the Perfect City for Some Weekend Chilling

by Julia Escano

It’s far, and it floods. This is usually the extent of most Manileños’ knowledge of Marikina City. In spite of its proximity to Quezon City and Pasig, Marikina never quite enjoyed (or suffered from, depending on who you ask) an influx of people going in and out of its borders every day. Thanks to staying undisrupted by the mad corporate and commercial rush, this city at the eastern edge of NCR was able to develop into something quite unlike the rest of the busy metro.

The next time you need a break from the endless malls, or if you just want to get away from it all without actually having to leave, you may just find the answer in Marikina City. If you’re not quite sure what there is to see, here are 8 things that show how progressive the small city is and why it deserves a spot on your list of must-see places in Manila.

It has a river park

Marikina-river-parkImage source

The Marikina River Park is a long expanse stretching from SM Marikina to the Continue reading Why Marikina is the Perfect City for Some Weekend Chilling

2016 Fun Summer Workshops and Activities for Your Kids in Manila

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes endless excitement for kids. Gone are the days of homework and waking up early to go to school. Instead, it’s time for playing and having fun all hours of the day. But just because school is temporarily over doesn’t mean that learning should stop for your children. Summer is the perfect time to combine a whole lot of fun activities and learning through summer classes for kids.

The following is a list of summer classes and workshops happening this year in Manila for any and every skill and interest. Whatever hobby or passion your child has, there are a fun and enriching program that would suit their needs.



Milo Sports Clinic

One of the longest running summer sports camps in the Philippines, the Milo Sports Clinic is offered all over the country. Kids can choose from 17 sports programs including basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, and Continue reading 2016 Fun Summer Workshops and Activities for Your Kids in Manila

Wander through These Culturally Eye-Opening Ayala Museum Exhibits

by Mich Escultura

When you go to Makati, especially if you work there, art is probably the last thing on your mind. But if you’re stressed out from the office or you’re not in the mood to go home just yet, take a quick stroll through the streets of Ayala and find your way to the Ayala Museum. Your mind and soul will thank you for that breath of creative air!

Here’s what you’ll encounter once you enter the ultra-chic and very modern doors of the Ayala Museum for its cultural exhibits.

Permanent Displays

1. Gold of Ancestors

gold artifacts
Photo by Mich Escultura

We’re very fashionable people, wouldn’t you say? If you don’t think so, here’s historical proof. In this exhibit of cultural glamour and gold, you’ll find over a thousand gold artifacts from way before the Spaniards decided to grace our shores. From necklaces to earpieces to a magnificent Hindu-influenced gold regalia, your eyes will be dazzled by the superb craftsmanship of our ancestors.

Bonus: Once you enter the gates of Gold of Ancestors wing, you can sit back and Continue reading Wander through These Culturally Eye-Opening Ayala Museum Exhibits

6 Works of Art at the National Museum You Have to See for Yourself

When was the last time you set foot inside the National Art Gallery of the National Museum of the Philippines? Probably way back when you were required to go there on a field trip or when you were bored in Manila and just needed something to do to pass the time. It’s a common assumption that museums, particularly art museums, are places where snooty artsy types congregate to discuss the tiny nuances of each painting and sculpture. Don’t buy into that because our own National Museum showcases works of art that even the squarest, most uncreative visitor can still marvel at.

Need proof? Just check out these 6 works of art that will dazzle your mind at take your breath away. And we’re not just talking about popular works like the ubiquitous Spoliarium that you’ve seen all over the media time and again. No, we’re here to talk about the other works that no form of other media can do justice. You simply have to see them with your own eyes.

Parisian Life by Juan Luna

Artworks in National Museum - Parisian Life by Juan Luna
Image Source

To all of you who have seen Heneral Luna, yes this painting was depicted in the flashback scene of the general’s life. An avid observer and painter of beautiful women, Luna chose to represent in this piece a Parisian courtesan about to rise from a couch. It’s a far cry from his more tumultuous paintings with darker colors, as this is one of the pieces that showcased his talent for painting scenes with a lighter mood.

Fun fact: Those three men in the background are Juan Luna himself, Jose Rizal and Continue reading 6 Works of Art at the National Museum You Have to See for Yourself

7 Unlimited Wine Promos for Your Vino Obsession

Whether you’ve got a strong liver or a strong need to indulge in all the wine the Metro can offer, unlimited wine deals are your no-frills go-to event for the evening. Yes, there are unlimited wine deals scattered all around Metro Manila, and we’re here to give you a rundown of the best spots where you can freely satisfy that craving for free-flowing sauvignon, merlot, rose or what have you!

Is your liver ready? Good! Here’s Ellry’s list of top unlimited wine deals in Manila for the sincere drinker.

1. Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant

unlimited wine deals in Manila - Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant
Image Source

Exclusive, secluded and perfect for a private dinner, Lemuria offers a host of French Mediterranean dishes paired with a wide selection of fine wines. The place is as classy as it is picturesque with its cozy, rustic interior and its assortment of gourmet fare – truly as gustatory experience every wine and food lover should partake in!

The Promo: The Grape Escape

Coming to your thirsty bellies this March 17, 2016, The Grape Escape offers unlimited wine for just Php1000 per person. It also comes with a cheese buffet, but for just Php200 a plate, you can add some hors-d’oeuvres. And since Lemuria has its very own wine cellar filled with the finest vintage from Romania, Chile, Continue reading 7 Unlimited Wine Promos for Your Vino Obsession

7 Best Cubao Expo Drinking Experiences

Right in the middle of the metro lies one of the most underrated hubs for, well, just about anything. Cubao Expo, formerly known as Marikina Shoe Expo, is a small haven of art, culture, and free-flowing alcohol amidst the chaos of the city. It’s got vintage shops, music stores, restaurants, art galleries, and even its own dental clinic.

But once the sun’s down, that’s when Cubao Expo comes to life. Why? Because no other place in the city offers such a varied selection of drinking spots all huddled together in a single compound. So the next time you feel like having a drink instead of braving the unbearable city traffic, head straight on to Cubao Expo’s bars and restaurants, and take your pick from one of these venues.

1. Habanero Kitchen.Bar

Cubao Expo bars and restaurants - Habanero Kitchen.Bar
Habanero X-Bomb Bursting Shots | Image source

Come for the cozy ambiance, stay for the habanero-infused food and drinks.

This cozy little corner bar is one of those places that allows patrons to transition Continue reading 7 Best Cubao Expo Drinking Experiences