To Boracay, and Beyond: 9 Things to Do Near Boracay

In a province like Aklan where tourists could be seen frequenting the island of Boracay, one might consider opting for a quiet place to stop and breathe. Luckily the area is filled with an array of activities randomly spread beyond what it’s famous for. Here, we listed down things to do outside Boracay.

1. Wild swimming in Hurom-Hurom springs

hurom hurom
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Begin your adventure with the sound of fresh water flowing through rocks and kick off by riding a kayak down the river of Gibon. Spot some deer and hornbills, and stop by to say hi to some tourists you may encounter, if there’s any.

Location: Nabas; 45 minutes – 1 hour travel from Boracay

How To Get There: Ride a boat in Caticlan going to Basang then hire a van for a 30 minute land travel from Caticlan to Hurom-Hurom springs. Continue reading To Boracay, and Beyond: 9 Things to Do Near Boracay

7 Palawan Island Gems Most People Don’t Know About

The Underground River in Puerto Princesa. The islands of Honda Bay. Dive sites in Coron. Limestone cliffs in El Nido. Palawan Island has a host of natural wonders that make for some of the world’s most popular tourist attractions today.

But did you know that the province still has a number of underrated destinations waiting to be discovered?

If you are looking to change up your itinerary for your next Palawan island getaway or have always preferred the off-beaten path, here are seven hidden gems you won’t want to miss out on.

1. Cuyo

Pamalican Island is a small Island part of Cuyo Islands

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7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Boracay

by Shayne Zalameda

Boracay is famous for its white sand beaches, thrilling nightlife, delicious fruit shakes, and calamansi muffins. But here, we’ve listed down 7 things to make your stay in the island beyond the usual.

1. Ride a Flybike

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If you’re looking for a more thrilling water activity, try flybike. Here, you will learn how to fly 25 feet above sea level. They say that if you know how to ride a bike, you Continue reading 7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Boracay

Choose Local! 10 Philippine Versions of Famous Foreign Attractions

It seems like everyone’s been bitten by the travel bug lately.

If the spread of “travel inspo” online is any indication, many of us now spend our downtime seeing new places and trying out new activities and adventures. That would be fantastic, if not for the constraints of budget, visas, safety and language barriers, right?

Well, there are local, and sometimes even better versions of foreign attractions that can be enjoyed right here in the Philippines! Enjoy them without the need for visas, a foreign language dictionary, and at a fraction of the cost*:

1. Swim with Whale Sharks

Cancun, Mexico – P7,070.72    vs    Donsol, Sorsogon – P3,750.00

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Image Source | Image Source

Whale sharks are the gentle giants of the ocean. As they only feed on plankton, Continue reading Choose Local! 10 Philippine Versions of Famous Foreign Attractions

Skip the Hotel: 7 Unique Airbnbs for Group Outings Near Manila

Are you gearing up for your family or barkada getaway?

It’s likely that everybody else will be on holiday, too. So for a change, skip the crowded hotel and resort, and book your own little hideaway via Airbnb. We did the homework for you and sought listings with unique concepts, stunning views, close proximity to nature activities, and rock-solid reviews, too.

Stay in one of these to make the most of your summer:

**Click the title of each lodging to be redirected to their respective Airbnb page. 

1. Modern Kubo with Private Pool Overlooking Taal
    Narra Hill, Tagaytay


THE GIST A bed & breakfast overlooking Taal Lake where you can rent a kubo, or the entire venue.
P9,041.00 / night
1 night minimum stay
THE SPACE Accommodates: 5
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 2
Beds: 3
RATING 5 stars (26 reviews)
AMENITIES Free Breakfast, served by staff
Free Parking
Wireless Internet
Family and Pet Friendly

We all know how Tagaytay can be crowded, especially on long weekends. But guests of Narra Hill say it makes you feel like you’re on a different side of town.

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Gorgeous Boracay Hideaways for Families and Barkadas

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s never too early to plan the perfect trip. If you are bursting to get some sea and sun with your barkada or family, Boracay is always a safe bet for fun – and then some. But it isn’t just the island’s legendary beaches and waters that could make a trip memorable; the perfect lodging could do so too. There is now a ton of Boracay group accommodations for extended families or large cliques that not only give you a place to rest your head after a night of partying, but also create a whole other experience.

Check out these gorgeous accommodations perfect for big groups like barkadas and families. We dare you to resist.

The Ocean View Penthouse at Karuna Suites

Boracay group accommodations: The Ocean View Penthouse at Karuna Suites

Boracay group accommodations: Karuna Suites (Top View)

The Gist: A serviced penthouse with 180° views of the island
P 23,757/night
The Space: Accommodates: 12
Bathrooms: 4
Bedrooms: 4
Beds: 4
Rating: 4 stars (151 reviews)
Amenities: Swimming pool
Butler service
Wireless internet

If you are looking for something truly remarkable, look no further. Karuna Suites Continue reading Gorgeous Boracay Hideaways for Families and Barkadas

6 Camping Sites Near Manila that Will Take Your Breath Away

There are a lot of amazing destinations to go camping near Manila. They’re all easy to access and offer stunning views that’ll satisfy your wanderlust. If you feel that the bustling city streets and pollution are taking its toll on your well-being, these breathtaking camping getaways will surely give you the relaxation you deserve – minus the long hours of travel.

1. Dampalitan Island: lets you enjoy beach camping at its most serene.

camping near Manila - Dampalitan Island
Photo by: Mae Escobin

Tranquility is the first word that comes to mind when you see the pristine shore of Dampalitan Island, is situated in Padre Burgos, Quezon Province. The Continue reading 6 Camping Sites Near Manila that Will Take Your Breath Away

San Vicente, Palawan Brings Back Memories of the Old Boracay

by Anj Santos

Above: A nostalgic photo of Boracay from Boracay Magazine.

Boracay is the first island to put our country on the tourist map. It became popular among backpackers in the 80s; by the 90s, its beaches were being acclaimed as one of the best in the world.

But much has changed since then. The surge of tourists and explosive business growth has led to the island’s over commercialization and considerable damage of its once teeming marine life. With its-authenticity seemingly lost, tourists have been hard-pressed to find what they once sought in Boracay – postcard-perfect stretches of sand, beautiful sunsets and crystal blue waters, far away from the madding crowd.

Enter San Vicente, Palawan. A small fishing village northwest of Palawan’s mainland, it is now gaining recognition as a center of tourism. Endowed with white Continue reading San Vicente, Palawan Brings Back Memories of the Old Boracay

10 Unspoiled Beaches Around the Philippines

by Anj Santos

It was no surprise when Conde Nast Traveler named Palawan “The World’s Best Island” for the second straight year in 2015. Cebu and Boracay were also on the list at No. 19 and 15, respectively. Home to dozens of beaches with blinding-white sand, crystal clear waters, and healthy marine life, this trifecta is an island-hopper’s dream.

While they remain top-of-mind for the average traveler, there are other beaches in the Philippines’ 7,107 islands that have yet to be placed on the international scene. If you’re after smaller crowds and untouched nature, and ready for some roughing-it, try going to these unspoiled beaches:

1. MAHABANG BUHANGIN BEACH, Calaguas, Camarines Norte
As its name suggests, this beach is a long stretch of sand and clear waters located in Tinaga Island, a part of the Calaguas Group of Islands in Camarines Norte. Continue reading 10 Unspoiled Beaches Around the Philippines

Why Moalboal is Cebu’s Next Adventure Destination

by Anj Santos

Cebu is world-renowned for its white sand beaches, spectacular diving sites and bustling energy. There’s Malapascua in the north for thresher shark sightings, Bantayan further up for blinding white beaches, and good ‘ol Mactan for island hopping and city life.

South of Cebu is Moalboal (mo-ahl bo-ahl), a sleepy town 3 hours away from the city, which is now a fast growing tourist hub. It doesn’t have awe-inspiring beaches and malls and bars to speak of, for its real beauty is hidden under the sea and deep within the forests. Straight up, it’s not a place for lazy beach days – there is some physical effort and sweat equity involved in truly enjoying what it has to offer. If you’re after more than just a trip and want an adventure, Moalboal, Cebu sure delivers!

Here are some of the activities waiting for you in Moalboal, Cebu:


Canyoneering or canyoning involves travelling down streams, creeks and boulders in between mountains. The excursion would involve trekking and climbing, and depending on your trail, some free jumping into water and rappelling from waterfalls.

The easiest trail in Moalboal is Kawasan Falls, which does not require the use of climbing gears. It does involve swimming through rapids and Continue reading Why Moalboal is Cebu’s Next Adventure Destination